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Santa Monica College School Tour

School Tour of the Santa Monica College Main campus

I am showing you the main buildings at the SMC main campus, and giving you some information and advice about the school!
Come with and see the corsairs field, library, gym, and business, theater, science, core performance, ESL, liberal arts, HSS, Dresher Hall, arts and math complex building.

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This was recorded during the summer so there was not a lot of students at the campus.

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Thank you so much for watching!
Sonja Lindell 2015 : är du svensk
Salman Azam : I love you
mollie Choi : miss the campus.
rayongletzzplay : i’ll need this video in 4 more years wml ☺️
Yusuf Can Arslan : Can you explain smc requirements if you know? Or maybe your scores because i really want to know if i can enroll with my scores

2019 Graduation Highlights - Santa Monica College

Congratulations to the Class of 2019!

This year, 5,905 SMC students received 9,110 degrees and certificates!

The youngest two graduates are 17 years old and the oldest graduate is 85 years old


California's #1 transfer college for 25+ years! Tops in transfers to UCs, USC \u0026 LMU. A world-class education and endless possibilities.
Sabbir Ahmed : Amazing
Maya Dajón : This was a beautiful creative art piece I really enjoyed watching all my fellow classmates and I'm glad they got my good side in the videos! LOL
Sharyn Obsatz : I needed this joyful video today.


Всем привет!)
Это видео-тур по Santa Monica College в городе Санта Моника (Лос Анджелес). Это мой первый год здесь. Надеюсь вам понравилось это видео, и вы поняли что да как располагается в этом колледже :)
✓Мой инстаграм:
✓Мой ВК:
Всем спасибо за просмотр, ставьте лайк и подписывайтесь на канал!)
Nelly : Сюда нельзя поступить после 9 класса?
Ilona O : Привет, учусь в smc , могли бы познакомиться !)
София Котикж : А возможно получить грант?
Домашние выпечки : Сколько юнитов надо чтобы поступить в Беркли
Домашние выпечки : Можно и в Беркли?


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